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Currently, the expense and time needed to develop and build resources of this quality is a global challenge. However, recent events have clarified that the evolution to a more comprehensive elearning offer can no longer wait. Now, education providers can integrate these resources into their courses at once.

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Learn about our Multimedia eBooks

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Didasko has been recognised for the last 3 consecutive years by the Educational Publishing Awards Australia as benchmark content developers, reflecting over 20 years of development experience and understanding of the online/blended pedagogy.

The award-winning Multimedia eBooks can easily be integrated into your course delivery on any Learning Management System (LMS) and are completely translatable into any language.

With an impressive engagement rate over the current average of eBooks, these resources free educators up to do what they do best – educate and develop minds while improving results and completion rates.

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Didasko has focused on the key employability areas of Information Technology and business and has, to date, an extensive library of 140 topics available. Academics, Course Coordinators, Universities, and Colleges can purchase the Multimedia eBooks individually or in bulk. Pricing varies by student volume - IT eBooks start from AUS$95 and AUS$15 per topic. Business eBooks start from AUS$70 and AUS$10 per topic.


Business Statistics
Topic 1: Visual descriptive statistics  
Topic 2: Numerical descriptive statistic  
Topic 3: Basic probability 
Topic 4 : Discrete probability distributions
Topic 5: Continuous probability distributions  
Topic 6: Sampling and sampling distributions 
Topic 7: Estimation 
Topic 8: Hypothesis testing 
Topic 9: Linear regression  
Topic 10: Time series analysis 
Business Fundamentals
Topic 1: Globalisation
Topic 2: The changing business environment
Topic 3: Big business ideas
Topic 4: Introduction to business ownership
Topic 5: Introduction to business law
Topic 6: Organisational planning
Topic 7: People and culture
Topic 8: Managing priorities
Topic 9: Organisational decision-making
Topic 10: Business risk
Organisational Behaviour
Topic 1: Organisational behaviour
Topic 2: Individual Behaviour values personality
Topic 3: Motivations and attitudes
Topic 4: Business communication
Topic 5: Interpersonal skills
Topic 6: Managing diversity
Topic 7: Managing teams
Topic 8: Conflict management
Topic 9: Organisational change
Topic 10: Leadership and decision making
Managing Diversity and Inclusion
Topic 1: Diversity defined
Topic 2: Diversity policy
Topic 3: Diversity and self awarenes
Topic 4: Legislation
Topic 5: Culture religion age
Topic 6: Sex and gender equality parental status
Topic 7: Disability carer status Aboriginal
Topic 8: HR processes to develop diversity
Topic 9: Bullying harassment and grievance procedures
Topic 10: Promoting the benefits of diversity
Project Management
Topic 1: Projects defined
Topic 2: Scoping a project
Topic 3: Stakeholder communication and technology 
Topic 4: Planning a project
Topic 5: Scheduling a project
Topic 6: Project budgets
Topic 7: Project risk
Topic 8: Monitor a project
Topic 9: Reporting on project progress
Topic 10: Finalising and evaluating the project
Marketing fundamentals
Topic 1: Key concepts in marketing
Topic 2: Marketing strategy in a competitive environment
Topic 3: Marketing research and information systems
Topic 4: Consumer behaviour
Topic 5: Segmentation target markets and positioning
Topic 6: The power of branding
Topic 7: Product decisions  pricing decisions
Topic 8: Marketing channels and distribution decisions
Topic 9: Integrated marketing communications
Topic 10: Marketing and new technology
Business Innovation
Topic 1: Innovation and creativity in business
Topic 2: Innovation and the external environment
Topic 3: Innovation and the internal environment
Topic 4: Strategy and innovation
Topic 5: Innovation through cooperation
Topic 6: People culture and innovation
Topic 7: Identify opportunities through innovation frameworks
Topic 8: Evaluate opportunities
Topic 9: Plan and implement innovation
Topic 10: Evaluate and review innovation
Sustainability in Practice
Topic 1: Corporate social responsibility
Topic 2: Corporate social responsibility frameworks
Topic 3: Creating a sustainability policy
Topic 4: Analyse the current situation
Topic 5; Legislation and regulatory compliance
Topic 6: A vision for the future
Topic 7: Developing action plans
Topic 8: Communicating policy
Topic 9: Implementing sustainability
Topic 10: Monitoring and evaluating sustainability actions

Information Technology

IT Fundamentals
Topic 1: Information technology landscape
Topic 2: Computer hardware
Topic 3: Memory, storage and computer software
Topic 4: Fundamentals of networking
Topic 5: Web basics
Topic 6: HTML5 essentials
Topic 7: CSS3 essentials
Topic 8: Excel essentials
Topic 9: Charts in Excel
Topic 10: Functions and formulas in Excel
Topic 11: Introduction to Microsoft Access
Topic 12: Microsoft Access queries
Topic 13: Microsoft Access forms and reports
Topic 14: Cloud computing
Topic 15: Cybersecurity landscape
Programming Essentials
Topic 1: Introduction to computer programming
Topic 2: Introduction to Java and NetBeans
Topic 3: Java language fundamentals
Topic 4: Sequence control structure
Topic 5 : Selection control structure
Topic 6: Iterative control structure
Topic 7: Arrays
Topic 8: Methods
Topic 9: Case study
Topic 10: Introduction to object-oriented programming
Networking Fundamentals
Topic 1: Introduction of networking concepts
Topic 2: The upper layers of the OSI network reference model
Topic 3: Network layer functions and protocols
Topic 4: IPv6 addressing and IP subnetting
Topic 5: Variable-length subnet masking (VLSM)
Topic 6: Anatomy of a router
Topic 7: Data link and physical layers 
Topic 8: Ethernet LAN fundamentals 
Topic 9: LAN switching
Topic 10: Implementing Virtual Local Area networks and troubleshooting Ethernet LANs
Topic 11: Application and packet analysis
Information Systems
Topic 1: Information systems overview
Topic 2: Systems planning
Topic 3: Gathering requirements
Topic 4: Modelling requirements Part 1
Topic 5 : Modelling requirements Part 2
Topic 6: Process modelling
Topic 7: Data modelling Part 1
Topic 8: Data modelling Part 2
Topic 9: User interface design
Topic 10: System implementation 
Topic 11: System maintenance and security 
Topic 12: Other development methodologies
Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals
Topic 1: Getting started
Topic 2: Input processing and flow control
Topic 3: Java libraries
Topic 4: Defining classes 1
Topic 5 : Defining classes 2
Topic 6: Arrays
Topic 7: Inheritance
Topic 8: Testing, debugging and case study
Topic 9: Unified modelling language
Topic 10: Exception handling
Introduction to Python
Topic 1: Basics of Python
Topic 2: Python statements
Topic 3: Functions and object-oriented programming
Topic 4: Error and exception handling
Professional Essentials in IT
Topic 1: Globalisation
Topic 2: Diverse workforce
Topic 3: Managing diversity
Topic 4: Introduction to communication
Topic 5: Employment communication
Topic 6: Interpersonal Skills
Topic 7: Team leadership
Topic 8: Conflict management
Topic 9: Ethics foundations
Topic 10: Applied ethics
Introduction to Cybersecurity (Releasing October 2021)
Topic 1: Cybersecurity landscape
Topic 2: Cybersecurity framework and standards
Topic 3: Risk assessment
Topic 4: Governance
Topic 5: Infrastructure and physical security
Topic 6 : Security architecture
Topic 7: Secure system build
Topic 8: Network security
Topic 9: Basics on internet security and securing the network perimeter
Topic 10: Data security
Topic 11: Career development
Python Programming Essentials (Releasing October 2021)
Topic 1: Intro to programming
Topic 2: Intro to Python, Anaconda and IDEs
Topic 3: Basics of Python
Topic 4: Strings
Topic 5: Infrastructure and physical security
Topic 6 : Control flow statements
Topic 7 : NEW Arrays + list comprehensions
Topic 8: Functions
Topic 9: Object-oriented programming
Topic 10: Errors and exception handling
Topic 11: File handling
Topic 12: Testing and documentation

Academic Skills

Study Skills Toolkit
Topic 1: Getting started
Topic 2: Academic writing
Topic 3: Report writing
Topic 4: Essay writing
Topic 5: Referencing essentials
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