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The current challenges for universities

Developing an effective online education offering within any university is not an easy task. Time, money, training and integration of systems all need to be factored in to ensure an exciting, supported, seamless student experience.

To go to market with anything less risks a dissatisfied student body that are always happy to share their frustrations amongst their peers via social platforms. Brands have gone to the wall for far less.

Add to this, internal obstacles and objections from those unwilling to embrace this vital digital evolution in our sector. Frequently, these internal roadblocks and hubris create an environment where essential transformation is virtually impossible.

Research by Deloitte Access Economics forecasts one billion online learners across 29 markets by 2025

State of the game

  • On-campus enrolment is declining
  • Students are increasingly choosing study options that satisfy their need for flexibility
  • Online learning allows for broader reach
  • Students are comfortable extending their digital lives into their education

Taking your university into exciting new markets

The global e-learning market is expected to reach $238 billion by 2024. Research by Deloitte Access Economics forecasts one billion online learners across 29 markets by 2025.

In our experience, we have come to understand that overwhelmingly, the growth is being driven by an untapped, older, student body demanding genuine study flexibility. For these students, their individual circumstances rule out traditional university campus attendance. Their reasons are diverse - rural locations; disabilities; employment commitments; travel issues; family obligations, to name a few. These students require an ability to learn – anywhere, anytime.

However, they will not settle for a substandard study experience. The importance of quality content and support, developed with an online-specific pedagogy are key to retention and quality outcomes.

The huge benefit to the university from online learning, is that it opens up significant new opportunities, both domestically and internationally.

Didasko’s proven 100% online solution will provide your prospective students with access to world-class education.

Complete end-to-end solution

Speed to market

The development of an online platform and course content is complex, time consuming and expensive. We have a proven solution for your digital transformation, that can be branded with your logo. Start enrolling your online students in weeks – not years.

Peace of mind

Our online solution is proven. Didasko has successfully crafted its business model so any university can provide an online suite of undergraduate courses and single subjects to students anywhere in the world.

No financial risk

As many universities have found, developing an online learning solution is fraught with danger. It requires platform and content expertise, IT integration, specialist academic support and this is time consuming and expensive. Committing to the Didasko solution has absolutely no upfront costs.

Real-time data

We gather real time data at every step of the student journey. The Didasko system monitors lead conversion and quality. Student data signals early warnings to mitigate disengagement and counter poor performance boosting retention and student satisfaction.

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