Target market identification

Desired target markets are researched using both psychographic and demographic criteria. Due to the 100% online delivery, this can mean local, national or international markets.


Student recruitment involves a multi-layered, targeted, digital marketing approach directing prospective students (leads) to web-based landing pages in order to complete enquiry forms. Leads are aggregated through:

  • Direct digital activity – including SEO, SEM, social media and paid advertising
  • Third-party referral partners

Didasko builds and maintains all web and digital collateral in-house. SEO, SEM, social media and paid advertising are outsourced to specialist organisations which report back into the Didasko systems.

  • Direct digital activities
  • Landing pages
  • Enquiry

Messaging and USPs

With learning convenience in mind the unique selling points of the Didasko flexible learning model include:

  • Completely online – suitable for domestic, regional, interstate or transnational students
  • Applied nature of study has a strong career-focus
  • Study anywhere, anytime; monthly starts
  • Single point of entry learning platform, high-end content, industry certifications
  • Alternative admission options, monthly starts
  • Multiple exit points (diploma, associate degree, applied degree) – employment outcome focus
  • Proactive and reactive student academic and administrative support from 7.30 am to 10.00 pm daily with maximum 10-minute response time

Beyond the campus

Our online course offer has a reach well beyond the campus. Students can enrol, study and complete their assessments from any location globally, depending on broadband internet access.

This ability to reach out nationally and internationally greatly increases the traditional University catchment areas.

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