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Student expectations are being framed by their customer experiences across a wide breadth of industries. Whether it be online retail, supermarket shopping, hospitality or fashion, their expectation for outstanding standards are entrenched. Education is no different. Students are investing significantly, and they expect that the learning that they will undertake is without compromise.

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100% Online-specific course development

The Award-winning Didasko online course development team not only considers the usual obligations of TEQSA standards, qualifications framework guidelines and comparative course research (what other providers are offering), there is also consultation with industry, industry associations, job market research and feedback collected from students.

This approach ensures that course outcomes are effectively designed and defined to embrace specific, generic, employment-related and lifelong learning outcomes as expected of contemporary higher education (TEQSA 2017).


The 4MAT system was developed by Bernice McCarthy and builds on the work of Kolb’s experiential learning cycle. Global research into learning styles in online models found that Kolb’s model was most preferred (Dağ & Geçer 2009). The 4MAT model underpins all elements of the student’s learning experience. The 4MAT system is based on two continua: perceiving and processing. The processing continuum ranges from reflection to action and the perception continuum runs from direct experience to abstract conceptualisation (4MAT n.d.).

Content types

The prescribed content contained in the Learning Portal under ‘Learn’ provides single-click access to two key types of content:

  • e-books – external publishers
  • Interactive multimedia – published by Didasko Digital

Interactive multimedia

Didasko raises the bar with the in-house production of interactive and digital learning materials, which combine the best of media technologies and educational learning theories to deliver content that supports student success.

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Student learning platform

The Didasko Learning Portal is an interactive and engaging digital learning platform which combines the best of media technologies and educational learning theories to deliver a program that is focused on student success.

A well-designed learning environment is simple, logical and free of distractions. Didasko’s elegant Learning Portal design means learners can find what they’re looking for at a glance and feel confident navigating their learning space.

The ability to access the Learning Platform anywhere, gives the student the flexibility to work around other personal and work commitments.

Academic delivery

Each week is broken down into Learn, Apply and Assess sections, which is a simple solution to the usually complex task of ordering all the elements of a subject. All learning objects, activities and content can be quickly and logically bundled into one of these three elements.

  • Interactive multimedia content: SCORM objects
  • E-book chapters: hard-coded for single-click access
  • Videos: linked from any source
  • Lectures: recorded and live
  • Tutorials (live or pre-recorded)
  • Problem-based analysis
  • Forum discussions
  • Free-thinking questions
  • Case studies
  • Quizzes
  • A ‘Live’ lecturer overview of the assessment
  • An assessment upload function
  • Recorded audio feedback from the lecturer
  • University result moderation

All Didasko academics are fully qualified and comply to TEQSA requirements. Each has been selected specifically as online specialists in their fields of academic specialisation.

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