Online solution

Your university brand, your online students


We can provide your university with a complete, cost-effective solution to expand your learning into the digital space. We collaborate to understand your online objectives, and define an appropriate strategy that meets the requirements of today’s discerning online student.

1. Marketing

  • Target market identification
  • Marketing strategy
  • Stand-alone website development
  • Tactical landing pages
  • Lead capture strategies
  • Collateral information development
  • National and international strategies

2. Student acquisition

  • Dedicated, full-time acquisition professionals
  • Personal one-on-one evaluations
  • Automated response tools
  • Assessment tools
  • Automated Enrolment
  • Nurturing programme

3. Student engagement

  • Full onboarding and orientation
  • Personal study plans
  • Closed Facebook group management
  • Student progress monitoring
  • Managing student welfare

4. Study experience

  • Fully qualified academics on staff
  • Live lectures/mentoring
  • Award-winning subject content
  • Multimedia and interactive study tools
  • User-friendly learning platform
  • Full and part-time options
  • Outside of hours student response within 10 mins

5. Graduation

  • YOUR students graduate with:
  • Diploma (Year 1)
  • Associate degree (Year 2) + Diploma
  • Bachelor degree (Year 3) + Diploma + Associate degree
  • All are applied qualifications
  • Option to study while working

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Health & wellbeing

Student enquiries


Career support


Real time data systems and analytics across the student journey


Live, accurate data underpins Didasko marketing, lead aggregation and student recruitment process. From the moment a prospective student makes an enquiry the lead progress is tracked, measured and analysed. The Didasko live analytics provide conversion performance against predetermined benchmarks. This is tracked against each lead source to provide an average cost of acquisition per student per course. Running a live, integrated marketing platform enables Didasko to automate many of the key marketing functions and implement quick changes based on reliable, accurate information.

Live data provides a foundation for further automation and future AI developments. Didasko deploys AI through SEO, SEM and PPC. By adjusting marketing spend up or down, Didasko can predictively determine student enrolments each month with a high degree of certainty.

The same rigorous data collection and analysis is applied throughout the entire student journey as well as quality control across all aspects of the Didasko offering.